To our clients regarding COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus is all over the news lately, and while the experts’ consensus seems to be that it is not necessary to take drastic action at this time, we should be prepared in case things get worse. With that being said, it does seem a good time to discuss DR planning.

Is Your Cell Phone Safe?

Many believe their cell phones to be a safe and reliable method of communication.  The likelihood of getting a virus (malware) on a mobile phone seems to be far less likely than getting malware on a computer.  After all, most of us have had a mobile device for almost a decade – with the original iPhone being released towards the end of June in 2007 – and have yet to experience an issue.

What is VCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) and Why Should Every Business Have One?

If your organization has 10 to 500 employees, and they use computers to accomplish their daily work, you’ve probably had a rude awakening at some point to the realization that modern business computing has progressed far beyond the point of buying a few computers at Best Buy, plopping them on a desk, and saying “there you go”. In today’s world of HIPAA laws, PCI compliance requirements, Crypto-Locker viruses, and the ever increasing number of hackers out to steal your assets, doing a poor job with your IT infrastructure can put you out of business in no time at all.

The Micro Doctor Difference

What if I told you we had a way to protect you from Ransomware, Phishing Attempts and Harmful Websites? Yes, I know every other IT provider out there claims that they can protect you too, but do they? Are you still getting Viruses, CryptoLocker and Spyware?

What if I told you that our customers that implement our proprietary layered approach to security HAVE NEVER been infected with Ransomware like Crypto?

I go to several industry conferences and countless webinars to ensure that Micro Doctor has the best protection suite of products.

Micro Doctor Announces “After Hours” Business Mixer in Western Pennsylvania with the Shenango Valley Chamber of Commerce

Micro Doctor has become famous for an event called “Wine Down Wednesday Business Mixer”. We typically hold only two per year, one in Trumbull County and a one in Mahoning County.

Because Micro Doctor has become more established in Western Pennsylvania, it made sense to take this show on the road and partner with the Shenango Valley Chamber of Commerce to put on a Business Mixer like the Shenango Valley (SV) has never seen.

The Secret Sauce

When I talk to customers about our services they often ask “what makes Micro Doctor IT service different than the others?” My response is “it’s all in our secret sauce.”

First of all is our experience.  Micro Doctor has been in the business since 1989, and created a proactive IT management environment starting in 2007. Technology is always changing and to survive in this business that long, you have to adapt to stay ahead of technology advances.

Sonicwalls, Small Business Security and Subscription Renewals

Every day I hear of another data leak, hack or stolen credit card information. Small businesses are currently big business for cyber criminals, since small businesses typically don’t have the resources to protect or detect a data intrusion. Each week when I visit a new business to perform a network assessment, I find no secure firewall, sometimes there is just a basic cable router and sometimes a Linksys router.

Afraid to install Windows 10?

Many people are afraid to install Windows 10 Operating System(OS) because they will be taking a chance on losing the safety, productivity and familiarity of their favorite OS. Since Micro Doctor deals with many Business Computer Systems we have seen the good and bad sides of the new OS. At this time, Micro Doctor is not recommending to upgrade your business computers until we know if all your applications will run on the new free Windows 10.

Of the people that have installed Windows 10 on their home machines, most of them have said they wish they had not installed Windows 10. One lost the ability to access their printer, another lost their Microsoft Office software and a third lost a favorite Solitaire program from Windows 7.

Besides the compatibility worries, many users are worried about privacy and security in the new operating system.