The Micro Doctor Difference

What if I told you we had a way to protect you from Ransomware, Phishing Attempts and Harmful Websites? Yes, I know every other IT provider out there claims that they can protect you too, but do they? Are you still getting Viruses, CryptoLocker and Spyware?

What if I told you that our customers that implement our proprietary layered approach to security HAVE NEVER been infected with Ransomware like Crypto?

I go to several industry conferences and countless webinars to ensure that Micro Doctor has the best protection suite of products. Our recipe for protection is very unique because we have a bundled and layered approach that very few IT Providers even know about.

Other providers may have one or two of our products but very few offer all 7 layers!

Sound expensive? We are able to make this very affordable because we have driven the cost down because we have so many endpoints (each person/user is what we call an endpoint).

So which layer protects you from ransomware the best? We call it MDI Cloud Care. It is a proprietary agent that installs on your workstation (laptop, computer, tablet, etc.) and prevents unsuspecting users in your company from being infected by preventing them from reaching the known bad websites and clicking on bad links sent in phishing emails. George Caban from Datto, our recommended Backup and Disaster Recovery vendor, stated that “the biggest threat to a company having a data breach, losing data, or getting these types of viruses is user error.”

As President and Visionary for the company, I am always looking for exciting new advances to implement for my clients. I look for the best solution for increasing productivity, minimizing problems and protecting the client’s infrastructure. I am constantly evaluating software, hardware, gadgets and security to help us help our clients. Our end goal is creating business continuity not only for ourselves, but for our clients as well. The more productive our clients are (by not having broken computers, viruses, etc.) the more successful we feel.

We also have some other very unique products that when used together increase our productivity, security and cost efficiency because of the automation, scheduled tasks and security tools that are included.

Security is on everyone’s mind in today’s world. You can think of MDI Cloud Care as antivirus in the cloud. We force all Domain Name System (DNS) traffic to a screened DNS server that prevents and warns our client to stop before accidently going to a website that is infected or deliberately trying to deliver malware to you or your unsuspecting employees. This has been a huge advance in protecting the user from infections and even has provided ransomware protection.

Well that’s it. Micro Doctor Difference prevents more service interruptions by making sure your company runs better, therefore your employees are not calling for help and losing productivity throughout their work day. The bottom line is we are focused on driving the number of tickets per month down, so your employees are able to work without interruptions and you are not paying wages to employees that cannot do their job due to a computer issue. In the end, our goal is saving your company time and money.

To find out how we can help your company become more efficient, more productive and more secure contact the experts at Micro Doctor for a free initial consultation. Call us at 330-898-2100 and ask to speak to our team for a free initial meeting or security assessment.

Written by Mark Richmond, President, Visionary and Chief Innovator at Micro Doctor Inc.