To our clients regarding COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus is all over the news lately, and while the experts’ consensus seems to be that it is not necessary to take drastic action at this time, we should be prepared in case things get worse. With that being said, it does seem a good time to discuss DR planning.

Anatomy of a Micro Doctor Service Call

We at Micro Doctor are continuously striving to improve our availability and service levels to our clients.  To that end this article will provide information on the best ways to reach us and what happens when you do. By providing this information, we hope to help set expectations of what you can expect to happen on a service call and help you communicate with our service staff.

Really Ads on my GPS?

I have had several GPS units over the years. Unfortunately the cost of annual map updates makes the price of an updated GPS unreasonable. I could update my GPS for $100.00 or buy a new GPS for $129.99, but it hardly
seems worth it. So I just kept my GPS, ignored the nag screens from Garmin and hoped I still would get to my destination.

Joplin Tornado News: If your business was destroyed by a tornado… Would you be able to recover??????????

What if your business got hit by a tornado and what if, in that same storm, your IT Company got hit by a tornado? Well, that is what happened in Joplin, MO. Luckily for John Motazedi of SNC Squared and his customers, he had a disaster recovery plan.

New Updated Facebook Company Page

I recently watched the movie “The Social Network”. I enjoyed the movie because it told the story of the beginning of Facebook. Facebook is everywhere now. News is being delivered via Facebook Pages, Political Causes have Facebook Pages and of course Millions of people are using it to share comments, photos and updates with their friends and family.