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Cloud-Delivered Web Security for Every Device On and Off the Network without Sacrifices

Stop Advanced Threats that Evade Firewalls, AV & Sandboxes

Data, devices, networks and the cloud is changing fast. Security platforms and research methods aren’t keeping up. Still, vendors push more boxes and collect more samples, yet these models are broken.

For the first time, you don’t have to sacrifice performance, efficacy or manageability. MDICloudCare Insights delivers highly effective malware, botnet and phishing protection because it eliminates two big obstacles: collecting and reacting to samples, and relying on appliances for delivery.

Dramatically Reduce Malware Infections and the Risk of Network Breaches or Data Theft

  • BLOCK high-risk sites and locations to stop unknown malware, botnets and phishing without waiting for a sample of the targeted cyber-attack, the binary file or the exploit.
    Such advanced threat protection is fueled by predictive securityintelligence from MDICloudCare Security Labs’ Big Data analytics.
  • PREVENT malware from infecting on and off network devices byblocking the Internet request or connection to the malware host.
    Hosts include legitimate Websites compromised by malvertising orwatering hole attacks using drive-by downloads and exploits.
  • CONTAIN infected, botnet-controlled devices from breaching your secure perimeter or stealing data by blocking the Internet request or connection to the command and control host over every port and protocol. MDICloudCare also blocks attempts at phishing for users’ login credentials via fraudulent sites, which contains data theft.
    Protocols used to phone home over ports 1-65535 include HTTP/S,DNS tunnels, FTP, IRC, P2P and more.
  • INFORM IT staff of possibly compromised devices and risky usersin under a minute of the blocked Internet request.

Maintain Acceptable Use or Regulatory Compliance

  • BLOCK inappropriate Websites or non-Web apps by creating flexible, location-aware policies from MDICloudCare’s 60 content categories and an unlimited number of custom block or allow lists.
  • INFORM end-users of the policy with branded, customizable block pages including the option for delegated users to bypass it.

The Intelligent Proxy = Deeper Security without Latency and Broader Security without Complexity

  • FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND proxy architecture achieves deeper security without the performance or manageability sacrifices typical of pure proxy security solutions. The MDICloudCare Secure Cloud Gateway (SCG) platform makes this possible by combining multiple security enforcement technologies (DNS + IN-LINE PROXY) with predictive security intelligence as the diagram below illustrates.
  • NO-LATENCY DNS FILTERING is applied to all Web and non-Web connection requests, which transparently routes connections to our block page server 0, to the Internet host 0, or to our proxy 0.
  • OUR CLOUD-HOSTED PROXY SERVICE inspects only high-risk or suspicious connections unlike Secure Web Gateway products, which pass all on-network Web traffic through a proxy—even if its known to be a no-risk site and location.

The Cloud+DNS = Easy-to-Manage+Lower TCO

  • The cloud simplifies rollout across multiple distributed sites with centralized policies and reports. And DNS eliminates the complex traffic redirection issues of pure proxy solutions. You won’t get loads of tech docs and sizing guides from us. They’re just not necessary even if you have a 10Gbps pipe. Customers provision, deploy and setup MDICloudCare everywhere in less than 30 minutes.
  • The cloud reduces investment. No additional hardware or software spends. No additional networking spends to backhaul traffic over MPLS or VPN to secure off-network workers or setup high-availability or disaster recovery sites.
  • With roaming laptop agents, and the ability to apply policy by internal networks or group membership through transparent integration with Active Directory, you’ll get actionable reports per user and device activity, on and off the network.



  • DEVICE COVERAGE regardless of the location or network.
  • TRAFFIC VISIBILITY regardless of the port or protocol.
  • PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE to prevent, contain and inform on the most complex threats.


  • ON-DEMAND SCALABILITY with no bottlenecks regardless of bandwidth.
  • SERVICE RELIABILITY for 100% uptime, everywhere.
  • NO LATENCY to enforce policies and protections.


  • SEAMLESS PROVISIONING across all networks and devices.
  • CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT of policies and aggregated reports.
  • TRANSPARENT EXPERIENCE to redirect traffic and identity users.


  • Lightweight, always-up-to-date agents
    for Windows and Mac laptops.

MDI CloudCare - Youngstown, Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Canton, Warren, OH


  • MDICloudCare Security Labs acquires and analyzes proprietary contextual and live data—over 1 million malicious and non-malicious Internet events per second—with a continued focus on pioneering algorithmic classifications.
  • As a result, the MDICloudCare Security Graph discovers and predicts 100,000s of new advanced and commodity threat origins daily used by both targeted and opportunistic cyber-attacks.
  • And by harnessing this predictive intelligence, MDICloudCare blocks over 80 million security events daily.

MDI CloudCare - Youngstown, Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Canton, Warren, OH


  • We process 50+ billion requests from 50+ million users every day.
  • We operate 20 Anycast load-balanced data center locations worldwide.
  • 100% global uptime since 2006.

MDI CloudCare - Youngstown, Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Canton, Warren, OH