Micro Doctor helps customers send secure encrypted emails

Office365_Dec17_B.182333Micro Doctor announces a new product to help customers that need encrypted emails. Many organizations like Banking, Real Estate, Title Offices, CPA Firms, Architect Firms and Law Offices are being required to have email encryption for certain email and attachments. Micro Doctor is pleased to announce Secure-Send-It product that easily and cost effectively solves these issues for our clients.

Here are the key features:

  1. Outlook Add-in and add a second SECURE-SEND-IT button to your favorite mail client
  2. You choose which emails need to be sent encrypted
  3. Email attachments can be very large (example – Deeds, Tax Returns, Quickbooks Files or other sensitive documents.)
  4. You can have a secure inbox displayed on your website or email signature so you can get large encrypted files easily
  5. Mobile Apps for Apple and Android
  6. Proof of Delivery and Message Recall
  7. Email recipients don’t have to register or download software to use service
  8. You can require your recipient to accept your communication by simple acknowledgement, PIN or fingerprint
  9. The service provides a ‘read response’ once recipients have viewed messages

The Secure-Send-It product is a monthly subscription starting at about $10.00 per user per month. Because it allows sending and securing large files it eliminates the need for complicated FTP logins and Dropbox shares. Offering secure email encryption, cloud level antivirus, exclusive pc and server care plans make our service offerings different and unique. We build value into our plans that are unmatched in Northeast Ohio. Find out what Micro Doctor can do for your company’s bottom line by reducing downtime, minimizing security risks and improving employee productivity with our suite of tools. Contact our sales department at info@microdoctor.com or visit our website for more info at .