Create a dream team of business-savvy technology strategists

Your IT strategy needs to keep up with increasing competition and constantly evolving technology. Working with a virtual Chief Information Officer lets you benefit from the skillset of a knowledgeable CIO who can maximize your technology investments and enhance your bottom line. With Micro Doctor’s vCIO & Consulting services, you get expert advice at a fraction of the cost of an in-house CIO.

I Need a vCIO

IT strategy that aligns with your business goals

A vCIO is a technology strategist responsible for developing IT goals, anticipating technology changes, and making sure your IT roadmap is aligned with your budget and daily operations.

Here’s what you get with a Micro Doctor vCIO:

  • A strategic business-technology roadmap
  • Detailed IT investment and budgeting plans
  • Robust business continuity schemes
  • Efficient management of your IT projects
  • Regular IT policy reviews
  • Compliance and risk assessments
  • Data security strategy and implementation

vCIO & Consulting is a value-add for your business

Your vCIO will play a crucial role in the success of your company by helping you effectively measure IT performance, get better insights into tech issues, understand your IT assets’ useful life, create a realistic IT budget, and more.

IT Vendor Strategy

Reduce IT expenses by determining which hardware and software best fits your business needs

IT Risk Management

Identify, manage, and protect against potential risks and threats that can impact operations

Disaster Recovery Planning

Ensure current disaster recovery plans are up to date and regularly tested

Governance & Compliance

Stay on top of your industry's compliance requirements and forecast future technology needs

Technology Training & Development

Create a clear IT training strategy that makes learning efficient within the organization

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