Surgeon gets a “Comprehensive” extreme makeover from Micro Doctor

Dr. Stephen Evan had a dream to create one of the best surgical practices in Northeast Ohio. He did his research on EMR software and chose Medent EMR software for his new practice. Medent EMR software sent the doctor the names of 3 local IT firms that they work with and Micro Doctor was one of those names.

Initially Dr. Evan met with Mark Richmond, founder and CEO of Micro Doctor Inc and he immediately knew that Micro Doctor was the IT Company for his new practice. Mark was well versed in medical office security as well as some other services that the new practice was going to need.

The first step in the process was to get the scope of what was happening. There were 3 separate surgery practices merging into one at a brand new location near Southwoods in Boardman OH. Mark initially walked through the building in November when there were just open stud walls with Dr. Evan and together they started to plan the office.

Micro Doctor created a checklist of all the items the doctor would need and provided step by step detailed quotes and project updates on these systems:

  • Cable Internet Access at 70M down by 7M up for Data and Voice
  • Firewall to protect the network from hackers
  • Phone and Data wiring all CAT6 with separate runs for data and voice
  • Intelligent Power or Ethernet Switch to power new VOIP Phone systems
  • Building Sound System with 20 ceiling mount speakers and Music Choice set-up for music
  • Large Screen TV’s in Waiting Room, Conference Rooms and Offices
  • Porting of phone number from 3 different providers to one new Allworx Phone System
  • Integrated Existing PC’s, New PC’s and 3 different billing systems
  • Secure WIFI for Medical Office and Public use (separate subnets)
  • Installed Antivirus and Management/Patching tools to stay HIPAA compliant
  • Secured new internet Domain ( and Cloud Based Email
  • Provided move in and hardware set-up at new location
  • Trained on telephone systems that answers phones with 3 different auto attendants
  • Provides all IT and Phone support for the practice with our amazing team

While walking through the new construction with the doctor, Dr. Evan mentioned that he excited that we could take over the Wiring, Wall Mounted TVs, Building sound system, IT Infrastructure, Phones, Wireless and Firewall.

The doctor was surprised how little phone disruption occurred during the move in day. Micro Doctor has experience porting phones lines over to VOIP or SIP trunks and this allowed the practice to have state of the art Allworx Phone System completely running on internet instead of costly copper phone lines. We estimate a monthly telecom savings of around $500.00 per month.

Micro Doctor also proposed their Internet Fax Device that sit behind the copier/fax machine and converts their existing fax line and number to SIP or internet protocol fax which only cost $21.90 per month as opposed to a normal fax line of about $45.00 per month plus tax. The device allows normal faxing has a feature that allows incoming faxes to be sent to the users Email box for convenience.

Comprehensive Surgical Group of Northeast Ohio

One of the differences that Dr. Evan liked in dealing with Micro Doctor is that they handled all the vendors and ordering. He further said that dealing with Micro Doctor was a pleasant surprise and had no worries that their projects would come in on time and on budget will little oversight on his part.

The doctor will be applying for up to $63,750.00 in incentive money from Medicare to help cover some of the costs of this EHR upgrade. What Dr. Evan did not know is that Micro Doctor is not only an expert in HIPAA/Meaningful Use but also provides MD-Care managed service program that help the doctor meet meaningful use guidelines by Windows Patching and Monitoring Antivirus.

Together with Medent EHR, Micro Doctor and Dr. Evan, we made the new Comprehensive Surgical Group of Northeast Ohio a reality. Find out how Micro Doctor can become you one stop shop for all your technology needs. Contact them at 330-984-0154 or visit them at for more info.