4 facts about HIPAA and your IT

While HIPPA’s implementation in relation to technology has been problematic to say the least, things have become much clearer over the course of the past year. However, there are still a few areas in which your office might not be compliant. This isn’t necessarily through negligence on your part, but rather simply a lack of understanding as to the requirements.

What’s the difference between FXS and FXO?

It’s easy to get lost in the confusion of FXS and FXO, especially if you’re a complete novice in matters of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). These terms are often used in the telecom world, and understanding their difference is the first step in choosing the right VoIP system that best suits your needs.

Telemedicine 101

Traditionally, healthcare delivery has been based on a face-to-face meeting between patients and physicians in a hospital or clinic. But the latest advancements in medical technology has altered how and where healthcare is delivered. Nowadays, patients expect to interact with physicians and receive medical recommendations and treatments via the phone and online channels - this approach is known as ‘telemedicine’. If you’re looking to improve the level of patient service and satisfaction in your healthcare business, then read on.

4 benefits of online scheduling

As healthcare practices across the nation continue to find out, patients place ever-diminishing levels of importance on care alone. While it is and will forever be a factor that influences a person’s decision, convenience has become another key area patients look at when choosing a healthcare facility.

Office 2016 for Mac is now available

Office 2016 for Mac has arrived, and it brings with it several new features to Microsoft’s popular productivity suite and cloud-based services. Microsoft has fixed various bugs and functionality issues in its latest Office version, allowing users to fully make use of the software and integrate it seamlessly with their Mac platform.

Storm warning: prepare staff and clients

When your employees see snow on the ground, the thought of a day off immediately pops into their heads. Of course your customers are still reliant on you to provide the goods and services they have come to expect from your business. Before a storm hits, you should be communicating with both staff and clients to inform them of the situation.

Afraid to install Windows 10?

Many people are afraid to install Windows 10 Operating System(OS) because they will be taking a chance on losing the safety, productivity and familiarity of their favorite OS. Since Micro Doctor deals with many Business Computer Systems we have seen the good and bad sides of the new OS. At this time, Micro Doctor is not recommending to upgrade your business computers until we know if all your applications will run on the new free Windows 10.

Of the people that have installed Windows 10 on their home machines, most of them have said they wish they had not installed Windows 10. One lost the ability to access their printer, another lost their Microsoft Office software and a third lost a favorite Solitaire program from Windows 7.

Besides the compatibility worries, many users are worried about privacy and security in the new operating system.

Webroot is Coming! Webroot is Coming!

What is Webroot? Webroot is the latest advancement in Antivirus Protection. It has newer technology that not only catches more Malware but is the smallest footprint of any commercial antivirus. Why is that important? Because it does not slow down your PC like other conventional antiviruses programs.