Leap Day 2012 – My prediction for hottest trends of 2012

1: Phone services will continue moving to the Internet.

It is no longer sci-fi or difficult to implement. Phone lines are running on internet bandwidth. We are seeing a renewed reliance on the internet for phone service. This is driven by lower cost bandwidth, great phone systems like Allworx, and failover lines in case of internet outages.

Anatomy of a Micro Doctor Service Call

We at Micro Doctor are continuously striving to improve our availability and service levels to our clients.  To that end this article will provide information on the best ways to reach us and what happens when you do. By providing this information, we hope to help set expectations of what you can expect to happen on a service call and help you communicate with our service staff.

The Difference between Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

If you think "data backup" is synonymous with "disaster recovery" and aren't sure what "business continuity" means, you're not alone. Most of the business owners we talk to make the mistake of not knowing the difference and end up paying the price when data is lost, a network goes down or a disaster prevents them from accessing their physical office and the server inside.

The downside of cloud computing

You’ve probably seen many articles, editorials, and marketing fliers about how great the cloud is; how it can save you tons of money, empower you to do amazing things, free your staff up to do all kinds of important projects, and more. There’s a great deal that is true and accurate in all of those assertions to be sure, even if most of the writing is intended to convince you to buy into the hype.

AVG Antivirus 2012 first look

AVG 2012 first look
Micro Doctor, Inc. has recommended, supported, and utilized many antivirus programs over the years. Initially Norton Antivirus was our favorite, however viruses started getting through fully updated and functional installations of this software, and its processes started taking over the CPU cycles of the installed PC, which made the machine run significantly slower.

Really Ads on my GPS?

I have had several GPS units over the years. Unfortunately the cost of annual map updates makes the price of an updated GPS unreasonable. I could update my GPS for $100.00 or buy a new GPS for $129.99, but it hardly
seems worth it. So I just kept my GPS, ignored the nag screens from Garmin and hoped I still would get to my destination.