Webroot is Coming! Webroot is Coming!

What is Webroot? Webroot is the latest advancement in Antivirus Protection. It has newer technology that not only catches more Malware but is the smallest footprint of any commercial antivirus. Why is that important? Because it does not slow down your PC like other conventional antiviruses programs.

But that is not all, Webroot has a unique rollback feature that help you recover from zero day threats (viruses that just came out) by rolling back the changes that the virus was trying to do. This truly separates this solution from the competition.

So why are we telling you about this new Webroot Antivirus solution?

Because ALL MD-CARE Clients are getting this awesome new product for FREE!

That’s right if we are managing your network expect a call from one of our awesome techs to schedule time to upgrade your protection from AVG or whatever your current antivirus to the new Webroot platform.

Nor one of our clients yet? Why not? Call today to get a free quote on our worry free IT services.