Internet Explorer 9 – Ready for Prime Time!

Internet Explorer 9 features surprisingly fast browsing speeds and a new layout with less toolbars. Innovative features make this not only the best version of IE to date, but will catapult Internet Explorer back into the lead for browsers. The one big drawback? You must have Windows 7 or Vista to use it. XP users are stuck on IE8... forever.

The Interface is clean and functional. It has a new tab option that allows you to reopen recently visited sites. Notices now appear in a small tab in the bottom of the browser window.

Ever wonder why the websites load so slow? IE9 Monitors and reports to you any add-on that slows down your browsing and lets you disable it from the pop up.

I installed IE9 3 weeks ago and so far, so good. Internet Explorer 9 installed with no loss of functionality. I tried many websites, remote cameras, Facebook, and Exchange OWA. Goodbye unwanted toolbars. There is plenty of geography to view sites with reduced menu area. The upgrade even fixed a website password reset problem. IE9 supports HTML 5 support, Windows 7 integration, and a double-duty address bar that you can enter terms to search for, or a website address.

So get rid of Firefox and Chrome and upgrade to the new sleeker and stylish IE9 Browser, the new king of the hill!

Postscript: Recently tried up update this post on my WordPress Website and the Update Post button did not work on IE9. Just when I sound the all clear horn something like this turns up. So proceed with caution and we will keep you updated. I am sure the next release of WordPress will solve the problem.

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