New Updated Facebook Company Page

I recently watched the movie “The Social Network”. I enjoyed the movie because it told the story of the beginning of Facebook. Facebook is everywhere now. News is being delivered via Facebook Pages, Political Causes have Facebook Pages and of course Millions of people are using it to share comments, photos and updates with their friends and family. The only problem I have with Facebook is the lack of technical support. As big as they are, they offer no direct support. You can’t call them, email them or reach them directly. If you do find an email address they just refer you back to the Help section of the website. Maybe that will change soon, we can only hope.

Being a technology company, I felt it was appropriate for Micro Doctor to have a Professional Facebook presence. It can be seen at If you need help creating your Facebook Page or Website, don’t hesitate to call us. We are staying on the bleeding edge of technology so you don’t have to.

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