Make the most of your cybersecurity investment

As cybersecurity incidents become more sophisticated, frequent, and intelligent, experts predict that the global market for cybersecurity products in 2020 will exceed that of last year. In fact, your company might be one of the thousands of businesses looking to purchase cybersecurity software.

Assess risks before buying new software

The growing market for cybersecurity products is a sign that businesses are taking the issue seriously. But before your company jumps into investing in any product, ask yourself if it’s really necessary. Find out how you can make the most out of cybersecurity products by conducting a risk assessment.

Windows 8.1 is a huge disappointment

Microsoft is struggling to revive sales of Windows 8 by releasing the long awaited Windows 8.1 product. It promised to do 2 things that corporate users have been asking for, bring back the Start Menu and allow users to boot to desktop instead of tiles. Microsoft’s first attempt to go to a touch enabled OS was a huge failure. Even when comparing Microsoft’s own apps the Desktop Version of….