Ransomware returns with a new twist in the Crypto Virus

Ransomware returns with a new twist in the Crypto Virus

Taken from CSI Vegas episode where Nick Stokes got buried alive and only has so many hours to live. This virus holds your data ransom and demands a payment to get it back.

In the case of the Crypto Locker Virus, it encrypts your valuable data and then requires you to pay ransom money or it all is destroyed in 100 hours.

Most sources say that the ransom money is usually set between $100 to $300; however, some have said that they were required to pay as much as $700 to free their computer.

If your computer happens to be infected with this virus, it is recommended that you visit a repair technician who can fix the problem. You also could try and repair your computer yourself, but it could be quite tricky.

To defend yourself from a possible attack, be aware of what e-mails you open and especially the attachments you download. Really, be aware of any software that you download online even if it comes from a seemingly reliable source as scammers are able to camouflage their websites into looking legitimate.

Many sources are saying that these attacks originate from fake Fed-Ex, DHL and UPS scam e-mails. I have received a couple of these over the past couple of months but never open them.

It's hard to determine for many what is considered fake and what is considered real in terms of these e-mails. The only really way that I've been able to tell is that my e-mail service has a great spam filter that automatically recognizes them as spam. I also have been able to tell which are fake and real by hovering on the link provided. Rarely do real UPS tracking emails include a ZIP file for details so attachments are a definite red flag. Usually eBay or Amazon send me e-mails or let me view the package's details from their website.

If you do a lot of online shopping and dealings with Fed-Ex, DHL, UPS, or any of these other agencies. Rather than using the links and attachments just go the carriers website tracking page. Once there, check your account from there so you don't need to rely on the e-mail that was sent in case it is a fake.

Another way to protect yourself from these emails check these on your IPhone or IPad, they will usually give you an idea that the payload is dangerous without infecting your Windows PC. A virus created for Windows will most likely not have the same effect on your iOS or Android device as they are completely different operating systems. Most viruses are created for Windows so it is not wise to use a Windows device for this.

We recommend an up-to-date professional paid antivirus program Like AVG Pro for protection. As always 90% of viruses are let in by humans clicking on link while browsing the net. Be careful out there as this is a very nasty virus. Remember we can help you if you come across a ransom ware virus line Crypto, FBI or FakeAV virus variants.
Author Mark Richmond, President of Micro Doctor Inc.


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