Micro Doctor creates new Telephone, VOIP, Wiring Division

Micro Doctor is pleased to announce that we have hired Kevin Taylor to head our new Telephone, VOIP, and Wiring Division. Kevin brings us his 20+ years of industry experience in the telecom world. Micro Doctor has seen huge growth in its new VOIP telephone systems manufactured by Allworx. By creating a separate division and starting with a seasoned professional we are able to handle larger wiring projects, multi-site phone projects and Infrastructure upgrades for existing networking clients. Many people think Micro Doctor just does computers, networking and firewalls but we really have a much broader spectrum of product. We saw internet telephone (VOIP) as a natural progression for us.

We now sell the Allworx phone systems to many local businesses including medical offices, CPAs, Insurance Agencies, Non-Profits and Trucking companies. The one thing we are able to do in every single case is to deliver world class phone features like multi-site, remote phones, caller-id, Follow Me, VM to Email, Auto attendant and more while cutting the monthly phone bill in half. If you are paying $1000.00 a month for phone, internet, and long distance we can cut that to $500.00 a month. Now that is a good return on investment.

If you are ready to take your fax to the next level we also have an Internet Fax solution. Same phone number, Same fax machine NO PHONE LINE. Find out more

If you have a wiring project, new construction or a phone system that is so old it looks like this. Then give Kevin a call at 330-898-2100. He will provide a free onsite visit and no cost proposal for your phone or wiring needs. Find out more.

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