Leap Day 2012 – My prediction for hottest trends of 2012

1: Phone services will continue moving to the Internet.

It is no longer sci-fi or difficult to implement. Phone lines are running on internet bandwidth. We are seeing a renewed reliance on the internet for phone service. This is driven by lower cost bandwidth, great phone systems like Allworx, and failover lines in case of internet outages. We even have a FAX line replacement that converts your fax line to an internet fax line. Same phone number, same fax machine, but no phone line, plus it emails you a copy of all incoming faxes.

2: Need a new server – On Premise Virtualization

It is like your own private cloud. Your next server will probably be virtualized. Why? It doesn’t cost any more than conventional servers (often less when multiple servers are called for), it is easier and faster to backup and perform recoverys, and it is portable between hardware platforms or the cloud. We even have a loaner HyperV server we can spin up your server image if your server hardware breaks. Everyone is talking like the cloud is new, but any of you who use our Smartermail Web Interface for email have been on a cloud solution for 10 years? What is all the hype about Gmail and Office 365? We had this technology 10 years ago.

3: Internet in your hand – The IPhone/Smartphone revolution.

Anyone under 50, or especially between the ages of 20 and 40 has a smartphone. They are looking up directions, restaurant reviews, checking in on Facebook and texting nonstop. You will continue to see these little devices pop up in more places, used more than a paper phonebook and replace the digital camera. Why should business people care? Are you sure your website is IPhone friendly? Can people find you on Google, Facebook and Bing? Times are changing and we are here to help you keep up?

4: Electronic Health Records – Microsoft HealthVault

Every hospital, Care Provider, Lab or Clinic is coming out with electronic access to your health records. I have started evaluating Microsoft HealthVault which integrates with almost everything on the planet. Included on this list are: Withings Wireless Scale and BMI Calculator, Withings IPhone Blood Pressure device, and ZweenaHealth, which contacts your doctors and feeds all your info into your HealthVault. It also links to your Pharmacy and many hospitals. This is great for somebody who travels, cares for a loved one or is tired of copying records to take to a specialist or new provider. You can share your HealthVault with any provider or family member.

5: Death of the desktop PC is grossly over exaggerated – The need for speed

Exclusive use of the cloud and dumb terminals seem like a step in the wrong direction to me. Didn’t we have this model 25 years ago? It was a mainframe and Wyse or IBM dumb terminals. All the data and power was in the super mainframe and we lowly data entry people just sat there and entered data into the beast. We don’t operate like robots and we will continue to need processing power to the desktop for Internet, Training Classes online, Videos, Streaming content, Attending webinars, Skyping, Paying Bills, Making Purchases and Photos. In fact my latest PC has 32 Gb of Ram, 64 bit Operating system and 3 huge screens. Don’t take away my ability to create, express and control my environment by giving me a remote desktop on a server in the cloud. How do I plug in my IPhone to that?

Well that’s my article for Leap Day 2012. If you have questions about the technologies represented here then you need to get in touch with me. If you want a technology provider that not only has vast experience, but continues to be a leader in the newest trends of the technology field, then you should check us out. If I am not using new technology, then I am reading about technology and that means we can help you too. Contact us for your next cutting edge project and don’t let your IT company just sell you on their cloud solution because that’s where THEY want you to go. The solution must fit your business needs not the other way around. We specialize in computer networking but are passionate in helping our clients solve business problems by using technology. Call us for a free evaluation. 330-898-2100 and get a free consultation. No strings attached.

Mark Richmond

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