If someone was trying to break into your house…

What would you do if every night there was someone trying to break into your house to steal from you, damage your property or harm you in some way?

Would you:

Call 911
Install better locks or deadbolt
Set up security light and cameras
Get or update your alarm system
Get a gun or personal protection device
Hire someone to guard your premise

Maybe one or all of these things to protect yourself, your family and your property, right?

What if someone is trying to break into your business network and computers?

What steps are you taking to protect sensitive data, avoid stolen identities and fraud, avoid costly downtime and prevent phishing or virus infections? With the rise of Ransomware, hacking has become a very lucrative business.

Ransomware is Back with a Vengeance

By: Mark Richmond, President/CEO of Micro Doctor IT

Ransomware is a virus that encrypts the files on a computer and any network shared drives attached to that PC. Businesses are being hit with ransomware at an alarming pace. Once those files are encrypted there are 2 options: pay the ransom (averaging $1500.00 in Bitcoins) or restore from an unaffected backup.