If someone was trying to break into your house…

If someone was trying to break into your house…

What would you do if every night there was someone trying to break into your house to steal from you, damage your property or harm you in some way?

Would you:

  1. Call 911
  2. Install better locks or deadbolt
  3. Set up security light and cameras
  4. Get or update your alarm system
  5. Get a gun or personal protection device
  6. Hire someone to guard your premise

Maybe one or all of these things to protect yourself, your family and your property, right?

What if someone is trying to break into your business network and computers?

What steps are you taking to protect sensitive data, avoid stolen identities and fraud, avoid costly downtime and prevent phishing or virus infections? With the rise of Ransomware, hacking has become a very lucrative business.

That is why we are announcing our newest security service called MD-Care Security Shield.

In addition to what we already do for clients like Antivirus, DNS Filtering (What is DNS?), Firewalls, and Patching, we have a new layer of protection we can add. I assure you that right now your Firewall and your entire network is being tested and probed for weaknesses. There are hundreds of thousands of BOTS (What are BOTS?) probing every single public IP address on the world wide web and your business is one of them. Here is what our new level of protection looks like:

  1. We scour every machine for remote access hooks, little footholds that these hackers know about. We use a reverse engineering from former Homeland Security sponsor government cybersecurity engineers.
  2. Then the Analysis Engine kicks in looking for active program and file reputation looking for patterns, behaviors, and anomalies not found by Anti Virus software using signature matching.
  3. Network Alerts – Most people do not monitor for network alerts. Our Security Shield has that covered also. It maps out the network and looks at Switches, Routers, and Firewalls for attacks, high utilization, and configuration changes. It backs up all your configurations and keeps your network infrastructure safe and recoverable in minutes instead of days.
  4. CyberSecurity Awareness – We not only send "Fake" phishing attempts to all your employees’ and track who clicks on these, we also provide training for those individuals through our portal.
  5. Ransomware Detect and Protect – Our agent also has a supplemental protection that is specific to Ransomware prevention (Read more about Ransomware).
  6. Admin Access Protection – Our agent prevents programs from installing via admin level privileges. Certain users can have admin privileges to install software, but restricting viruses from having the ability to install keeps you safe and working smoothly.
  7. Lastly, and most importantly, we can restrict what data can leave your network by blocking categories of websites like Dropbox or Webmail. Don't let the revengeful employee upload all of your customers and take them out the door! Phishing filters, newly seen domains and many other DNS level attacks are able to be filtered.

So just like you would protect you’re your home by adding a layer of security like deadbolts and alarm system, you need to strengthen your online defenses. We have the best suite of agents that along with our managed service monitoring agent that allows you to protect your most valuable business asset, your data!

If you would like to add these services on or if you are not yet a client and would like to find out more click here to contact us. Micro Doctor IT | 330-898-2100