“New” way to backup to disk!

Tape drives are becoming a thing of the past. They are costly, unreliable, limited storage and wear out often. That is one reason online backups are becoming so popular.

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Now we are running into limitations with the amount of data that can be sent via internet to an offsite backup site due to internet speed constraints. Our online backup uses special tricks to only send changed data to our servers in Atlanta and Salt Lake.

So for backup that exceed 72 Gigs we needed a new solution. We are now recommending a "RDX" Solution from HP Storageworks. RDX is a type of 2.5" Sata hard drive that is in an special case that in then inserted (like a tape) into a RDX Docking Station.

HP's RDX solution includes its own software. It is called HP RDX Continuous Backup Software. Let's call it CDP for short. CDP backs up everything, all the time, while the system is running. That why it is called Continuous Data Protection. Sonicwall and Barracuda have separate appliances (servers) that do the same thing for much more money.

HP leverages the USB connectivity for a lower cost way of accomplishing the same thing. Micro Doctor is a vendor neutral solution company. Meaning even though we are a Sonicwall Silver Partner, if we find a better way to protect our customer's data at a lower cost, we are going to present it. That's what makes dealing with a company like us not only a smarter more efficient way to handle IT projects, but we save you money and save the hassle of worrying about backups and other IT nightmares.

For more details on the HP solution please click here to read my blog about it. https://microdoctor.posterous.com/put-your-tapes-drives-in-the-trash

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