AUTOParkit announces New Home in Warren, Ohio

Christopher Alan, the owner of AUTOParkit LLC, a Los Angeles-based company, is a Warren native, and after leaving the area for a while, decided to come back home and establish a new plant that would potentially bring 300 to 1,000 new jobs to the area.
Alan bought property on Dana St. in Warren, Ohio for AUTOParkit, and is revitalizing and bringing a multi-million dollar company into an old warehouse.

Mill Creek MetroParks $16.3 Million Dollar Capital Improvement Plan

Did you know that Mill Creek MetroParks is Ohio’s first park district?
Mill Creek Park was established in 1891 by Volney Rogers, who created the park because he believed that “land itself could improve the lives of Youngstown citizens by providing a healthful alternative to the rapidly industrializing city.

YMCA of Youngstown Renovates Central YMCA

Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in the growth of the economy.
As businesses begin, some also die, but those that can withstand the toll of time continue to build a reputation and develop into some of the iconic businesses that we know today. The YMCA of Youngstown began serving the community in the 1800s and became an independent, locally controlled Ohio corporation in 1884, which was 32 years after the first YMCA in the United States was founded.