Micro Doctor adds new functionality to its service offering

Micro Doctor adds new functionality to its service offering

Micro Doctor Client Communicator

The Micro Doctor Client Communicator is a powerful tool that we deploy to every desktop for our Managed Care customers. The Client Communicator is a system tray icon that can be used by each end-user to provide a wide array of self-help modules as well as easy access to system information, and our service and support website for creating service requests.

Currently our MD Care Communicator offers the following features, with more to come.

Contact Us  ---> Provides our Main contact information including map, telephone, and email address

Create helpdesk service ticket --> launches the browser to our support ticket creation webpage.

Self Service Tools - Provides a link to download anti-malware software from the internet and provides a link to Automatically force a release and renew of a network IP address for troubleshooting purposes.

Failover Remote Options --> Provides a link to our SAAZ Remote tool or the Join.me webpage to join a session remotely.

Access Remote Login --> Opens the webpage of our Remote Access webpage for logging into the Micro Doctor Remote access webpage.

Access Customer Portal --> Open the webpage to our Customer portal to access tickets, etc.

Inbox --> Allows the end-user to read any messages that we send to their organization, (i.e. reboots pending, system updates, etc.)

System Information --> Opens a window that provides all the vital info about a pc in 1 window for the technician to get information or to provide to the dispatcher when creating a ticket. (i.e. IP address, hostname, domain, user name, hard drive size and free space, and more.

You will notice the Client communicator showing up on your System Tray (near the date and time) on your pc’s desktop soon. Please check it out and let us know if there are any questions. We continue to improve on management software and proactive prevent problems, update patches and remote control your pc with the latest tools from Micro Doctor Inc.

Micro Doctor President, Mark Richmond


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