Internet Faxing – New Product at Micro Doctor

Internet Faxing – New Product at Micro Doctor

Nearly three years ago Micro Doctor took the leap into the world of VOIP and SIP phone lines by teaming up with Allworx and Xcast Labs. The experience of converting customers to Internet phones has been very rewarding
since we are saving the average customer 50% over what their old phone company was charging for phone service.  Since then we have been looking for a reasonable and reliable Internet Fax Solution. We are ready to introduce the IFaxDr product, which is combination of a small converter box and a FAX SIP line. We use your existing Fax Machine, Copier/Fax or Multifunction Printer, unplug the phone cable from the wall, and plug it
into a small “ATA device”, which also connects to a LAN or Internet cable. That’s it!

Below are some common questions we hear about this service and the answers that show how incredibly easy and cost efficient  it is.

  1. But what about my FAX NUMBER?  Most times we can “Port” your fax number to our banks of fax modems so no change is necessary.
  2. So we can cancel our fax line and save $50.00 to $70.00 dollars a month? You can cancel your fax line after we port your number and thecost on most normal usage IFaxDr fax lines is $28.90 a month.
  3. How does it work? Well you go to the current fax machine, type in the destination fax number and hit send just like you do now. However, our ATA device converts that Fax to a HTTPS: (internet) signal and it gets sent to our Fax Modem Banks, where we convert it back to analog so it is completely compatible with all your vendors’ and customers’ analog fax machines.
  4. What about when we receive faxes? Well, your sender still sends it normally to the same fax number. We receive the fax into our Fax Modem
    banks, then we send it across the internet to the IFaxDr ATA device, which then converts it to analog so your fax machine receives it as an analog fax just like before.
  5. Wouldn’t it be great if my incoming faxes were automatically converted to PDF format and received into one or more e-mail accounts on my
    computer? IFaxDr does this with ease.  Fax Logs and Sent fax confirmations can be sent there also.

We are using this system ourselves and are converting customers every day. Find out how the IFaxDr service can save you money,
provide better service and help you go green by sending faxes to email.

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