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Ransomware Attacks

The Evolving Threat

Ransomware attacks may have diminished in number, but they have grown in sophistication. Businesses can`t keep pace, which is why they need a trusted partner who specializes in combating these advanced threats.

Addressing System Gaps

Hackers can prey on your IT infrastructure unless you work with highly qualified technicians who can detect weaknesses early on.

Stay Safe with Micro Doctor IT ’s Security Shield

Defending your business against hackers is no easy feat. When you partner with Micro Doctor, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art programs and established procedures to defend against ransomware attempts and eliminate system vulnerabilities.

Integrated Protection

Cutting-Edge Platform

Micro Doctor’s Security Shield offers the ultimate business protection by integrating an intuitive security platform with high-tech features that aggressively work together to thwart cyberattacks.

Rapid Response

Hackers work by coordinating attacks until they successfully penetrate your systems. Our powerful programs scan your infrastructure round-the-clock to search for suspicious activities, significantly reducing emergency response time by 99.9%.

Powerful Security System

By blocking access to DNS lookups, we provide a new level of protection. Our layered approach outsmarts hackers and blocks exploits that are already in your systems.

Phishing Scams

Dangers of Social Media

Spear phishing campaigns via social media platforms are on the rise. In 2017 alone, Facebook and Twitter uncovered 270 million and 60 million illegitimate accounts, respectively. That’s because cybercriminals have taken advantage of users’ ignorance when it comes to publicly sharing data online.

Building a Human Firewall

Your powerful security systems are useless if your staff is not doing their part in protecting your business. Employee awareness training is the best defense against phishing attacks. Micro Doctor cybersecurity specialists will conduct Anti-Phishing Training that teaches your team how to spot and avoid phishing attempts.

Combating the Dark Web

We relentlessly scan the Dark Web for your business’s domain and are ready to implement emergency protocols whenever necessary. And in case an employee accidentally clicks on a malicious link, our system will prevent them from accessing that website.

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