Are you being held for ransom?

We'll pay your bounty!

Ransomware is a type of malware hidden in emails and downloadable files to encrypt every byte of data you own and demand money for its safe return.

Worst of all, there is no way to protect yourself 100% because ransomware preys on your biggest vulnerability: the human element of your IT. Micro Doctor can easily protect you from malware that relies on gaps in cyber security to do damage, but there’s little we can do if one of your employees invites it in to wreak havoc.

Your employees could accidently allow in ransomware, unknowingly.

  • Micro Doctor IT will pay your ransom if you get ransomware and we can't get your files back!*
  • We also will educate your employees on how to avoid being held by ransom in a 30/45 minute free educational session at your business.
  • 50% of users cannot accurately identify ransomware as a type of threat that prevents or limits access to computer data.


    32% of users unaffected by ransomware think it is improbable or very improbable they will get infected.


    And yet…

    61% of all malware files targeting US internet users, distributed via email, contained some form of ransomware.


    4.1% of the total US population, or…

    ~13.1 million people have been targeted by malware.


    50% of all victims are willing to pay up to $500 to recover encrypted data.

    50% of American ransomware victims have paid the ransom.


    In 2015, ransomware cost internet users & organizations
    $350 million in damages

    The solution to ransomware is prevention, and for that you need education. Fill out the form below to find out more information. Not ready for that? Check out our blogs:

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    *Micro Doctor may revise these terms of use at any time. You must be on Micro Doctor IT’s Premium MD-Care Plan which includes monitored virus protection with daily scans, malware and spyware protection with twice a week scans. You must have a business class next generation firewall with the correct Ransomware protection. You must have our agent patching and monitoring your systems. You also must have our proprietary MDI Cloudcare web based protection. Finally, you must have a Business Continuity local and cloud-based backup system that is monitored by Micro Doctor IT. We limit our guarantee to servers and PC’s that are being backed up to our BCDR (business continuity disaster recovery) device. Ransom payments and all labor to recover files are covered up to a limit of $10,000.00.

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