Fake antivirus software is spreading through a massive online campaign.

Beware: a massive email campaign is underway to trick users into opening an HTML file attachment that redirects users to a hacked website containing links that further lure victims into launching a fake antivirus software package. According to security firm Sophos, the email messages are designed to trick people into paying to remove threats from their computer that may not really exist.

Backup Solutions – One size does not fit all!

One Size does not fit all!
We have backup “Options” ?
Micro Doctor provides the best backup solutions available

Backup/Disaster Recovery Options for every Budget

Online Backup – Encrypt and store data in the secure Internet cloud

Advantages: low user maintenance, inexpensive to implement, reliable

Local Backup Media - Store data on local hard drives or tapes

Advantages: easily store large quantities of data

BDR Server – Machine dedicated to backup and restoring data

Advantages: short time from “catastrophic failure” to “back up and running”

Cloud Virtual Server – Constant encrypted backup of your entire server

Advantages: mere minutes from “catastrophic failure” to “fully functional”

Each is effective for specific goals.

Micro Doctor Interviewed for Business Journal

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Mark Richmond, MCSE, CSSA

Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist

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“New” way to backup to disk!

Tape drives are becoming a thing of the past. They are costly, unreliable, limited storage and wear out often. That is one reason online backups are becoming so popular.


Now we are running into limitations with the amount of data that can be sent via internet to an offsite backup site due to internet speed constraints.