Micro Doctor IT Enters Partnership with Cleveland Cloud and Data Center to Expand Service Offerings

Micro Doctor IT Enters Partnership with Cleveland Cloud and Data Center to Expand Service Offerings


WARREN – August 22, 2022 – Micro Doctor IT, a full-service IT, security, and managed services technology company (www.microdoctor.com), which was founded in 1989, has a new partner company, N2Net. N2Net, a cloud, fiber, and data center, has been providing results to clients since 1995 with a unique business-focused IT process and a well-established suite of products.

When making a decision to partner with N2Net, Micro Doctor IT President Mark Richmond, made the decision based on a desire to put people first, both clients and team members. “Micro Doctor IT has a strong presence in the Mahoning Valley that has been established through our reputation over the last 30 years. Our reputation was built on consistency, accountability, quality, and product offerings for our clients. The N2Net team of cloud industry experts fit perfectly into our growing company,” Richmond said.

“Partnering with N2Net allows us to offer our clients a level of product, service, and expertise that a company our size and location can’t achieve on its own,” said Richmond. “In both short and long term, the expansion of technology and service offerings will lead to more business success for our clients, which is our main focus as a company.”

The partnership is also not one-sided. President Edward Rozak of N2Net said, “the ability to offer enhanced managed service technologies to clients, provide better customer support, and obtain a better geographical reach was something N2Net wanted to achieve as well.” Rozak stated, “The potential that will come from this partnership will create opportunities for everyone to take advantage of. This partnership perpetuates the company beyond the life of the existing owners and creates longevity, opportunity, and collaboration for our employees.

“The new partnership supports the transition we made last year from a voice and data company to a full-service IT, cloud, and managed services company,” Rozak explained. “We’ll have direct private access to cloud services from Microsoft Azure and Amazon’s AWS, along with NNI (Network-to-Network) interface with Verizon, CenturyLink, AT&T, Charter Communication/Spectrum, and Everstream, which will allow us to provide whatever is the most cost-effective gigabit bandwidth to a customer’s location.  Even more, we’ll be natively connected to VELO cloud, SDWAN (Software Defined WAN) backbone so we can provide cloud redundancy.”

N2Net’s new data center was designed to anticipate and accommodate a wide variety of cybersecurity protections, Rozak said.  The facility is heavily camera’d.  Future investment plans include several layers of access security including biometrics in order to comply with protections required under PCI (Personal Credit Info), Sarbanes Oxley financial issues, Department of Justice, and various healthcare-related HIPPA restrictions.

For organizations moving data to the cloud, Rozak said data latency is becoming more of a concern.  The growth of virtual desktop solutions, as one example, provides a lot of data storage and security advantages but when not implemented with enough bandwidth can actually degrade workplace productivity.

“No one wants to see that spinning hourglass, but even a half second of latency for many applications is intolerable,” he explained. “As many companies are evolving into high-bandwidth consumers of data, the direct backbone access we’ll be able to provide them will be critical for their operations into the next decade.”

With this announcement, Micro Doctor IT is announcing a new cybersecurity product called Cloud Defense. Since most of the attacks are coming in via stolen cloud credentials, this product stops that and protects these new attacks vector.

The Micro Doctor IT team is looking forward to offering their clients additional advanced fiber, data center, and cloud services. “Cloud-managed service is the fastest-growing area, especially cloud assessment, optimization, and migration services,” said Richmond. Together, Micro Doctor IT and N2Net have become the area’s strongest cloud-managed service provider.

About Micro Doctor IT
Micro Doctor IT, a top MSP 500-rated Managed Service Firm in the Country, was founded in 1989. Micro Doctor IT becomes your company’s outsourced IT department or co-Managed with an existing IT Department providing managed IT solutions, cloud services, vCIO consulting, project management, VoIP phone systems, business continuity and disaster recovery, and cybersecurity. Learn more at www.microdoctor.com.

About N2Net
N2Net, Inc. offers a complete line of customized cloud, internet, and phone services for businesses and Managed Service Providers. The company enables customers to increase both productivity and profitability by crafting a more powerful IT “toolbox” of solutions that can include services for hosted PBX, SIP trunk VoIP, cloud hosting, disaster recovery, software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) for multi-site locations, managed services, cybersecurity, and virtual desktops. Learn more at www.n2net.com.