Micro Doctor Aligns Business Goals with Clients & Finds Success

Micro Doctor Aligns Business Goals with Clients & Finds Success

Micro Doctor was started in 1989 as a video store technology company and has now evolved into a Managed Service Provider (MSP or Outsourced IT Department for businesses). Managed Services is a highly automated means of maintaining your network PC’s, servers and network devices, is a proactive approach to keeping your network and business running smoothly, instead of the old “break-fix” method.

Managed Services, or MD-Care as we call it, has rewarded our clients with efficiency with their technology, and has drastically reduced the number of problems that our clients experience. With MD-Care, an agent is installed on the client’s device which monitors the device 24/7, and sends an automated notice if something doesn’t seem right. Our engineers can then look at the device, and troubleshoot the issue.

MD-Care not only allows us to monitor and maintain the networks, but also allows us to track aging equipment. Rather than waiting for a PC or server to crash, we can alert the client when the hardware is getting to the recommended replacement date, plan for the replacement in their budget, and implement a project plan to allow the transition to seamless. The better our client’s technology equipment runs, the less problems they have, and the more productive their employees can be. With MD-Care we align our goals with our client’s needs, and help them to achieve their needs with up-to-date and well-maintained technology.

Due to aligning our goals with our clients in 2017, we grew 8% overall in 2018. Most of that growth was due to projects, specifically updating our MD-Care clients to standard hardware equipment, making sure they had proper backups in place, and saving them money by implementing a VoIP phone system. As these projects were finished up, our clients were having less technology issues, so their employees were not spending down time waiting for their computers to work properly, instead, they were more productive than ever and generated a bigger profit this year than previous years.

What’s coming for Micro Doctor in 2018?

Micro Doctor is well underway with an internal renovation project providing more workstations, and a fun, up-to-date workspace to cultivate a culture of growth and productivity.
Micro Doctor opened its doors in 1989, and in 28 years has emerged as the Mahoning Valley’s finest, most experienced and most trusted IT firm. Find out how Micro Doctor can help your firm thrive in 2018 at www.microdoctor.com.