New Year, New Start…or is it?

New Year, New Start…or is it?

Too often businesses are looking at their organizational map with “the business” and its functions on one side, and the Information Technology (IT) services on the other. The business focuses all of its planning on one side and doesn’t even think about the other.

In a day of ever-changing technology, I find it hard to imagine a business is able to create a strategic business plan without including IT, and not face detrimental effects to the business’s growth and profitability.

The value of IT solutions should be the value they provide to the business.

Re-framing Your Mind

Could you imagine going back to doing your accounting completely by paper and pencil? Or having to communicate to your clients with “snail mail”? Computers make businesses run more efficiently unless the technology is old or not managed properly. That is why it’s important to include IT in your yearly planning and budget. If you know a computer is going to need to be replaced, include that in the beginning of the year, so you don’t end up with a costly, unprepared expense. If you know that you are going to need to upgrade your server, plan that into your budget and timeline, that way you can continue to allow your business to thrive and grow.

There are four questions you can ask yourself when mapping IT into your business plan:

1.      How satisfied are you with how quickly IT is able to respond to your needs?

2.      How effectively is IT contributing to the productivity of employees?

3.      How is employee productivity affecting your profitability?

4.      How many hours a month are you losing to downtime from unproductive employees that can’t work and therefore and hurting your bottom line?

Growth, Growth & More Growth

Going into 2017, especially when hardware or infrastructure investments may be needed, thinking with a re-framed mind, that business and IT are one, could make a huge difference. This will apply not only to the smooth running of the IT operation but overall business success.

When IT and business become one, the chaos disappears, because the business is running as one.

If you have trouble answering these questions or formulating a business plan, consider partnering with an IT firm that can help you plan your 2017 business plan. Our Premium MD-Care Clients receive this as a courtesy. You can contact Micro Doctor IT for a free, no obligation assessment at 330-984-0154 or

By: Megan Augustine, Marketing Manager