Safe Surfing

This time of year many of us spend a lot of time on the internet for work, play and shopping. Even though I have written several articles about the “FAKE AV” Virus every week I hear about another customer who has gotten the virus.

Here are my top ten tips to avoid viruses and malware.

  1. Have an up-to-date “Paid” Antivirus. The free ones are just not as good.
  2. Have all your Windows Update or Patches applied
  3. Do not allow add-ins or pop ups from unfamiliar sites to install in your browser
  4. Scan your computer with Adaware to remove spyware
  5. Avoid downloads except trusted sites like Adobe, Java and Microsoft
  6. Free online games are filled with spyware. Avoid them.
  7. Facebook is OK but watch installing unknown APPLICATIONS
  8. If you get a pop up that looks like a REAL ANTIVIRUS screen “Beware”
    a. It may be a FAKE AV virus
    b. Turn off the PC immediately
    c. Use System Restore to get rid of it
    d. Run Malwarebytes scan to make sure you cleaned it
  9. Remove unneeded programs, startups and toolbars
  10. Never put your Credit Ccard info on a page without a “LOCK” in the address bar

While no one can avoid every possible way the viruses get in, using safe surfing tip like I have here you will be a much harder target for those despicable virus attackers.
Written by: Mark Richmond 12/8/2010

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